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News Archive

Here, you will find website news that is more than six months old. I cannot guarantee that the links and/or images on this page will work, but you're more than welcome to try.

The Annual Update - 9/28/09 17:30 PDT

Yes, I'm still alive... Nothing terribly exciting going on in terms of work, other than the "usual". Had a regular part-time job for a while, then got laid off; fun stuff. If you're looking for help on your next production, I'd love to work with your company! Follow the link to my contact information and we'll work something out!

Availability/Calendar Online - 9/9/08 12:40 PDT

If you click on the "Availability" link in the navigation section, you will be redirected to Google Calendar, where you will find my availability, displayed as when I am "busy". I could currently use some small jobs to fill in the rest of this month; please contact me if you have any leads!

New Webhost - 8/2/08 01:05 PDT

If you had my websited bookmarked at the old address (http://web.pdx.edu/~gbennett), you'll want to update it to the new address, which is http://gbennett.whsites.net/ . If you're reading this, then you obviously got the new address for me or were redirected from the old page. My other redirects, such as gregbennett.no-ip.org and noderaser.redirectme.net will point you towards the correct site. I've finallly sprung for some "real" hosting, with crazy amounts of storage space and bandwidth, but haven't rasied enough funds to buy a domain. Maybe someday.

New Part-Time Gig - 7/31/08 23:44 PDT

Wow, this is the first bit of news that I've posted in nearly 8 months! One good thing that I have to report (that only happened within the past month) is that I have been signed on for a year-long contract as the Facilities and Production Manager for Profile Theatre in Portland. I will serve as production manager on the company's own shows, and as facilities manager with outside rentals.

Although this does require certain time commitments, I still have openings in my schedule that I would like to fill, and may do this with a "real" part-time job because things aren't exactly great on the financial front. If you're looking for a lighting designer/electrician/carpenter in the forseeable future, please contact me and we can discuss availability and other considerations. If you know of some awesome part-time openings, I'd much appreciate a heads-up there too!

New Page on DCP - 12/16/07 19:52 PST

I have added a page, that talks about my participation in distributed computing projects. If you don't what what DCP is, are curious how you can get started with DCP, or want to compare stats, check it out here.

If you have my webpage bookmarked, you may wish to update your bookmars to http://noderaser.redirectme.net/ as my webspace at PSU will expire in a few months, and I haven't settled on a replacement yet.

Availability and Scheduling Online - 11/11/07 19:43 PST

I'm experimenting with Google calendar to provide my availability on my website. Click the "Availability" link above to see if I'm available for your next production. You may need a Google account in order to view this information; I'm currently working on it to see if there's a way to link to my calendar without requiring the viewers to have a Google account.

Graduation Soon! - 7/6/07 23:05 PST

I will be graduating from PSU with a BA in Theater Arts and a minor in Business Administration in mid-Augst. Before then, I hope that I will be able to find a job--so if you know of any openings or opportunities, please contact me! I'm most interested in something along the lines of a house/company electrician/carpenter or tech director/facilities manager. I will also be contacting some people I've worked with in the past, for references, letters of recommendation and pointers. Thanks in advance for the help; here's to the future!

WANTED: Computer equiptment; systems, components, accessories, etc. Desktop PCs 450MHz+, Laptop PCs 233MHz+. Apple/Macintosh of any generation. I'm quite the computer hobbyist, and will take systems that are "dead" (no individual dead components, however) to troubleshoot, refurbish, and pass on. Also, my "primary" deskotp is only a PIII 550MHz, so any upgrade is progress. Especially looking for memory (almost any kind/size), SCSI 50-pin narrow hard drives (old Macintosht types) of any size, IDE hard drives 6GB+.

Will arrange pickup in Oregon or SW Washington; please email [address removed].

Spring Term Update - 5/14/07 00:09 PST

I am calling this the "Spring Term" update, since it may be well into Summer term before I get around to posting another update. We're currently in onstage rehearsals for Vinegar Tom at PSU, and I'm confident that the show will turn out great. The term has been extremely busy for me, as I'm currently working 20 hours a week, going to school, and sharing ASM duties on the show at night. But, as we're a good half-way through the spring term, there are a few things I need to consider, namely graduation and what I will do afterwards. For those of you who aren't "in the know", I will be graduating summer term (August) with a BA in Theater Arts, with a minor in Business Administration. So, it's about time that I polish my resume, gather up letters of recommendation and start mass-mailing to find employment for post-graduation.

That said, if you've got any pointers as to how I could improve my resume (or my website), please feel free to contact me. Also, if you're someone I've worked with in the past, keep your ear open, as I may be contacting you to ask for a letter of recommendation, or at least a reference to confirm work on a particular project.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years; I don't think I would have even got this far without you. Here's to a great spring and summer season, and I hope you get a chance to come see Vinegar Tom at PSU!

Crazy For You Update - 11/8/06 00:45 PDT

Although the design had to be modified to accomodate the band onstage (the orchestra pit was declared off-limits by the school district, after an unfortunate accident involving students who were injured after falling into the pit), I put the finishing touches on the Crazy For You set Friday afternoon. I managed to snap a few shots of the mostly completed set, minus final dressing and props, on Sunday (10/29). The two main settings are the Interior of Lank's Saloon and Hotel, made up of four different wagons, and the exterior of the Gaiety Theatre and Saloon. The wagon that serves as the Saloon entrance and Hotel front desk rotates to become the Saloon exterior (not pictured). The second floor "rooms" of the interior are on cantilevered platforms, and feature railings fashioned out of plywood and EMT electircal conduit. The two sections enable them to be easier for the crew to manuever, and are secured togethwer with coffin locks when set in place.

Sorry for the grainy photographs; I've had some complications in acquiring a new Digital SLR camera, and had to take these shots with my trusty old point-and-shoot Olympus. Great as it is, it's not the best for taking photos indoors or under stage lighting. Hopefully, I'll get some better photos soon. There are still four more performance this weekend; or more information and tickets for Crazy For You and the upcoming production of Reckless, check out the WLHS Theatre website. Also, be sure to check out The Two Gentlemen of Verona at PSU, which opens this Friday. Information on that production is available at the PSU Theater website.

Fall Term Update - 10/3/06 20:46 PDT

In addition to the 14 credits of classes I'll be taking this term, I am working with West Linn High School on the weekends, to get the sets constructed for their upcoming productions of Crazy For You and Reckless, both in their new Performing Arts Center. Having both a large proscenium-arch auditorium and a black box, it's a nice facility. I'm also working at PSU with the tech theatre labs on Monday and Wednesday, where we're building the set for the upcoming department production of The Two Gentleman of Verona. I'm also still doing odd-jobs for the theater department as they come up. Between the shop time and the extra time I need for the classes I'm taking, I'll be pretty busy, so I probably won't be looking for any additional projects until next term. I am, however, doing some preliminary research into employment for after graduation, (which should be) at the end of spring term.

Focus of Website Changed - 9/27/06 22:29 PDT

As you might have guessed by the new look, I am changing my website towards a more professional focus. I won't be doing as much of the "personal" stuff, but I will post news related to productions I'm working on, and other professional developments. The Macserver will probably stay up for a while, but I'll probably take it down over the winter because I don't see much benefit through the work of keeping it up. The Macintosh Stuff and eBay pages will remain unchanged at their old addresses for the time being. Hopefully this new layout will be more useful for myself and others.

Those few people who are actually interested in my personal life can keep track of what I'm doing on Facebook. If you don't already have me listed as a friend, drop me a line and I'll see that you are added. I also have MySpace for those who don't have Facebook, but don't pay it nearly as much attention.

(Macserver) Server Back Online - 9/12/06 18:00 PDT

Now that I'm back home, I've had a chance to (hopefully) fix the Macserver. I have added a program that will automatically restart the server at midnight on Monday and Thursday; hopefully, the restarts will help with any degrading-performance issues.

I have thought about transferring the functions of the webserver to an SE/30, but I think I'll hold off on that for now. The SE/30 (16 MHz 68030) is fully capable of handling the software (it's also got a 1GB HD) but the no-IP software that keeps the IP updated will not run on a 68k processor. So, that project will be on hold until I have a place where I can keep the server, and have frequent access to it. I might set it up while I'm still at home, just to show that I can. Maybe I'll even get around to setting up one of my SEs (8 MHz 68000) as a server, just to show how useful old stuff still can be.

Updates will resume - 9/11/06 15:19 PDT:

I've been in New Hampshire over the summer, working as a carpenter at the Mount Washington Valley Theatre company. While I was there, I had Internet access but was unable to connect to my FTP server in order to update my website. Now that I'm back in Oregon, I don't have any problems; site updates should now resume.

(Macserver) FTP Server Online - 4/13/06 14:11 PDT:

I now have an FTP server online at ftp://noderaser.no-ip.org/ . On it, you will find a collection of software for Classic MacOS. I will be adding more software in the future, and might take submissions if everything works out. Please note that there is a limit of 5 simultaneous users, to prevent excessive bandwidth use.

(Macserver) Everything Back Up - 4/6/06 12:53 PST:

Actually, the server has been back up now for a few days. I am also working on putting together a software collection, that will (hopefully) be accessible via FTP. However, I'm having difficulty getting the FTP to work win no-ip. You can try to get to it at http://noderaserftp.no-ip.org/ , but I don't guarantee that it will work.

I got a Mac Mini, and then got hosed - 3/1/06 10:21 PST:

I finally caved and bought a G4 1.42 GHz Mac Mini from PowerMax for $459. I was pretty cautious about buying one, as I wasn't sure when they would be releasing the Intel version and nobody else seemed to have an idea either. So, I went ahead and bought one last Tuesday (2/14), and this Tuesday (2/21) Apple announced the new Intel Mac Mini! And, the new one comes with the one thing that shouldn't have been left out on the G4 Mini; a microphone port. I got hosed! I would exchange them, but the price difference is about $150 and I need that money to expand the memory and get a DV converter.

MMORPGs are the Bane of Our Existance! - 2/7/06 22:07 PST:

I have shown my weakness by succombing to the evil tempations of the MMORPGs. I'm not sure what is so damned addictive about these games; the fantasy appeal, the unwillingness to give up on so much work, or something else. Be warned; these god forsaken games will absolutely consume every available moment of your life. Even essential tasks, such as doing the laundry or washing dishes become last priority to getting my Augmentation-spec Frostalf Healer to the next level. Fortunately, I rarely have any people into my dorm room for there to be cause to have it declared as a public health hazard. But, I really should do something about the stuff growing on the dishes in the sink, or the mountain of stinky dirty clothes in the middle of the floor.

I have only been paying Dark Age of Camelot for about a month, and so much disarray has already come into my life that I curse the sick, demented evil monkeys who develop such games! Perhaps my only hope is for my bank account to get completely drained, so that I can't pay the subscription fees anymore. Ack! What the hell is that? You will easily spend in excess of $50 for the game and the constant stream of expansion packs, and then you have to pay $15 a month to play after the free month (how generous!) out of the box is over. Evil monkeys indeed!

A similar shoutout goes to the "friends" who convinced me that this was somehow a good idea.

I did save a few dollars, by getting the "Epic Edition" on Half.com for about $15, which includes all of the expansion packs to date. And, if you're looking for something new to absolutely consume your life, please specify my account name (noderaser2) when you sign up as the person who referred you. If I recruit three unfortunate souls to the game, I get a free month. And, that might just be the relief my bank account needs so that I can buy food for another week. If you're already involved in the madness, I have characters on the Devon cluster (Midgard), Killibury cluster (Hibernia) and Caerlon cluster (Albion). Check out Camelot Monkey for details on my characters ("toons"), server information, etc. Send me a few tells to say "wassup!" if you get the chance.

Back to the Grind - 1/8/06 17:52 PST:

Aaagh! Winter term starts tomorrow! Vacations never seem as long as they should be...

Happy New Year! - 1/1/06 12:26 PST:

Here's to a great 2006!

(Macserver) Status Update - 12/31/05 13:20 PST:

The new program from no-ip seems to be working fine, as it updated the IP after a power blip last night restarted the router and changed the IPs. It is set to automatically check the IP every hour and update it with no-ip if necessary. But, let me know if you run into any problems just the same. Now that I can't do DCP anymore, I'm looking for a Classic or Classic II (becuase they're so abundant) to run the webserver on...

(Macserver) Memory Upgrade, IP Status Update - 12/23/05 18:15 PST:

The server was down for a little while today, as I upgraded its RAM to the maximum 72MB. I also installed a program that should keep the IP current with no-ip.org, without requiring me to manually change it. However, the server seems to be having some problems browsing the Internet, even though it seems to serve pages to the outside world just fine.

    The Demise of SETI Classic - 12/18/05 19:31 PST:

Sadly, the Classic version of the SETI@Home distributed computing application is no longer being supported by UC Berkeley. Anyone who wishes to continue processing work units for SETI must now use the BOINC platform, which is available only for Mac OSX 10.3.4 or higher, Windows 9x or Linux/Unix. I am now searching for another distributed computing project that is compatible with OS 9. If you know of one, please email me. I will still be crunching work units for SETI and other BOINC projects. You can see my team's progress with BOINC projects here.

There is a quick but good article about the SETI transition and the BOINC client here: Alien search merges with other home projects. SETI has a history of the project, SETI@home Classic: In Memoriam.

(Macserver) IP Updated - 12/14/05 18:15 PST

The IP for the Macserver has changed yet again, and I've updated it with no-ip so everything should be running fine.

(Macserver) Status, BOINC/SETI@Home for MacOS - 12/13/05 11:15 PST

The Macserver should be up and running... If you're having any problems or notice it going offline again, please email me. Since I'm on the LAN right now, I can't see the status icon. Also, the DSL went out for a few hours yesterday, so that wasn't a server problem.

Since the server is up 24/7, I currently have the Classic SETI@Home client running on it. Since the SETI team has abandoned the Classic client in favor of their BOINC platform, Classic will stop working soon. Although BOINC is a very useful platform, it lacks support for Classic Mac OS (OS 9 or earlier) and even OS X 10.2. This is partially Apple's fault, because of the large programming and compatability differences between OSes; you can run BOINC on Windows 95 without any problems. It seems that a number of other Classic OS (and even some OS X users) are looking for a BOINC client for Classic OS. So, if anyone has the knowledge, resources and time to do this, I will pledge any support that I can (which isn't saying much). If you are interested in taking on such an ambitious project, email me and I'll hook you up with the appropriate people and resources to get the project started.

Mac Webserver Status Icon - 12/9/05 9:18 PST

First of all, I've added a link to the Mac Webserver in the navigation bar, under the "Computer Stuff" column. There is also an "online" icon that will show up when the server is up and running. If it's not, you'll get the little "X" or whatever your browser displays for a broken image. This way, you'll be able to tell at a glance whether the server is running, so you won't have to dig through the news posts to see what's going on.

Yes, it's still down. I hope to get that fixed over the weekend.

Republicans Cut More Taxes - 12/8/05 18:44 PST

They say that two things are certain in life; death and taxes. While I like money as much as the next guy, I'm willing to give up some of it, if it's going to be used for something useful like education and roads. But, it would seem that Congress has forgotten their basic addition... Addition of debt! Way before the whole 9/11 thing, we were in a deficit. What did Bush want to do? Cut taxes! Sounds good, but that just means that there's even less money to run the government and its programs. While it may be wise to cut back on some programs to save money, the proper way to do that is by restructuring what you have, not by cutting off the money and seeing what dries up first. If the government were like any normal business, the politicians would be flipping burgers at McDonald's.

I say this, assuming that the expenses involved are things that are taken care of in the budgeting process. But, what about a war? Who crunched the numbers before the decision was made to attack Iraq? Probably nobody, and if there was somebody, they obviously didn't even get a say, because if the government had to put money up front for the war our troops would be back here at home.

Yeah, "liberating" Iraq sounds like a grand and noble undertaking, but war costs money. And, the government is now getting even less money than it did last year. Go figure.

By the way, are we done over there yet?

Mac Webserver Running Funky - 12/6/05 20:52 PST

For some reason, the Mac Webserver is running funky... It started getting really slow, and now it's just plain timing out. I won't be able to get to the server to do any diagnosis/repairs until this weekend, so I guess you'll just have to sit tight until then. Sorry!

Mac Webserver Up and Running - 11/25/05 11:55 PST

My Macintosh webserver is now up, at http://noderaser.no-ip.org/ . Right now, all that's there is information about "Classic" Macintoshes; links, etc. I'm working on an FTP server as well, that will have all kinds of Classic Mac-related software and files that are becoming increasingly difficult to find. If you can't connect to the webserver, come back and check this page, as I will post any status updates here.

If you can think of any information that would be useful on the webserver, please email me and I'll post it.

Nephelometers... No Home Should Be Without One! - 11/12/05 01:16 PST

PB100009.JPG (657647 bytes)

I'm currently collecting data with a nephelometer (device that measures particulate matter in the atmosphere) for an Atmospheric Interaction/Urban Air Pollution class I'm taking this term. We're working on a project that compares the levels of particulate matter found across the Portland Metro area, from downtown to urban and suburban areas.

Jag's House Forums - 11/4/05 19:46 PST

I would like to thank Mr. Jag for banning me from his forums. I find it interesting, because I simply stated that I would not be stopping by his forum anymore, because of the excessive ammount of ads, popups, etc. Apparently, he doesn't want to do anything about it, because he has pretty much said "there's nothing I can do about the ads", and has deleted topics pertaining to the ads (and probably has banned other users as well). In general, he has some pretty childish attitudes about the management of his forum.

It's too bad, because the rest of his website is fairly useful. We'll see how much longer the forum lasts; the user base was pretty small already, and it was clear that change was needed.

Hurricane Katrina - 11/3/05 13:19 PST

This came in an email to me, claiming to be wrriten by George Carlin. It turns out that part was false (http://www.snopes.com/katrina/soapbox/carlin.asp) but it's still pretty good. As heartless as it seems, I have to agree with some of this stuff. Sorry, New Orleans, but you're not getting a whole lot of sympathy here. It sucks, but there were warnings... Plus, you should know better than to look for sympathy from a cynic.

---The Email---

Been sitting here with my ass in a wad, wanting to speak out about the bullshit going on in New Orleans.

For the people of New Orleans... First we would like to say, Sorry for your loss.

With that said, Lets go through a few hurricane rules: (Unlike an earthquake, we know it's coming)

#1. A manditory evacuation means just that... Get the hell out. Don't blame the Government after they tell you to go. If they hadn't said anything, I can see the arguement. They said get out... if you didn't, it's your fault, not theirs. (We don't want to hear it, even if you don't have a car, you can get out.)

#2. If there is an emergency, stock up on water and non-perishables. If you didn't do this, it's not the governments fault you're starving.

#2a. If you run out of food and water, find a store that has some. (Remember, shoes, TV's, DVD's and CD's are not edible. Leave them alone.)

#2b. If the local store is too looted of food or water, leave your neighbor's tv and stereo alone. (See # 2a) They worked hard to get their stuff. Just because they were smart enough to leave during a manditory evacuation, doesn't give you the right to take their stuff... it's theirs, not yours.

#3. If someone comes in to help you, don't shoot at them and then complain no one is helping you. I'm not getting shot to help save some dumbass who didn't leave when told to do so.

#4. If you are in your house that is completely under water, your belongings are probably too far gone for anyone to want them. If someone does want them, Let them have them and hopefully they'll die in the filth. Just leave! (For Christ's sakes, it's New Orleans, find a voodoo warrior and put a curse on them)

#5. My tax money should not pay to rebuild a 2 million dollar house, a sports stadium or a floating casino. Also, my tax money shouldn't go to rebuild a city that is under sea level. You wouldn't build your house on quicksand would you? You want to live below sea-level, do your country some good and join the Navy.

#6. Regardless what the Poverty Pimps Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton want you to believe, The US Government didn't create the Hurricane as a way to erradicate the black people of New Orleans; (Neither did Russia as a way to destroy America). The US Government didn't cause global warming that caused the hurricane (We've been coming out of an ice age for over a million years).

#7. The government isn't responsible for giving you anything. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but you gotta work for what you want. McDonalds and Walmart are always hiring, get a damn job and stop spooning off the people who are actually working for a living.

President Kennedy said it best... "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Thank you for allowing me to rant.


Whole Site Update - 10/30/05 22:40 PST

Yep, I went ahead and did it. Everything is in frames now. I kept the color scheme and stuff, though. The advantage to the frames, is that I can update the navbar once without having to do each page separately. This means that the navbar will actaully be current when you visit a different page on my site! Although, at this point I can't guarantee that the site content will be up-to-date.

You'll also notice that I went back to my old site font, Verdana. I did that, because it brings back good memories of EGWorld, back when people (supposedly) went to my website. So, it's a nostalgia thing. But, if you find it difficult to read, let me know and I will go back to the standard Times New Roman.

Mac Stuff Updates - 10/30/05 16:34 PST

I have redone the Macintosh Stuff pages again, in the hopes that they are now less cluttered and easier to navigate. Yes, they do use the archaic frames technology, but it's clean and quick. I may end up doing the same to the rest of my site, since it allows me to update the navigation bar without having to change every single freakin' page.

Miscellanious Updates - 10/15/05 23:17 PDT

I've just made some miscellanious changes to pages here and there, updating things and cleaning them up.

Olde-Macintosh Webserver up soon? - 10/11/05 19:45 PDT

I hope to have my Olde-Macintosh webserver up soon, hopefully in about two weeks when I make a trip home, where the server is located. Until then, you can "preview" the content that will be on it here. Please note that this is the exact content that will go on the server, so ignore all the parts about the page being hosted on an old Mac. This site is hosted on some fancy dedicated webserver in a datacenter.

Quality Portland Advertising - 10/5/05 23:16 PDT

smc_map.jpg (127477 bytes)

Funny Picture - 9/29/05 17:17 PDT

WAHM1.jpg (50473 bytes)

IBM LaserPrinter E by Lexmark - 9/22/05 22:58 PDT

I recently aquired an IBM LaserPrinter E by Lexmark that came with a Quick Reference guide. Because information about this printer is hard to find, I thought I'd scan and post it in case anyone out there needed error codes or other information. It won't tell you how to rebuild it, but it will at least give you a few pointers.

http://web.pdx.edu/~gbennett/comp/reference/IBM LaserPrinter Quick Reference.pdf

Back at PSU - 9/22/05 22:51 PDT

I'm currently in the process of unpacking stuff in my new dorm room at PSU. The most important note about this, is that I will no longer be able to ship orders from my Mac stuff site as quickly as I could before. If you check the page, you'll notice a date in large bold letters. This is the earliest possible date that I can ship an order, since my inventory is still at home (about a 4 hour drive away). However, I can still take and process orders as long as the buyer understands that service will not be quite as speedy.

Yep. Stuff. - 8/13/05 21:35 PDT

Whee. So, I've been back from the National Scout Jamboree for a few days now. If you haven't already heard about some of the stuff that went on there, let's just say it was an experience. One that I'll need some decompressing from.

Life Lesson: Don't Rob a Gun Shop - 6/16/05 14:00 PDT

From an email I received:

The following mind-boggling attempt at a crime spree in Renton, Washington appeared to be the robber's first (and last), due to his lack of a previous record of violence, and his terminally stupid choices:

1. His target was H &J Leather &Firearms, a gun shop specializing in handguns.

2. The shop was full of customers -- firearms customers

3. To enter the shop, the robber had to step around a marked police patrol car parked at the front door.

4 A uniformed officer was standing at the counter, having coffee before work. Upon seeing the officer, the would-be robber announced a hold-up and fired a few wild shots from a 22 target pistol. The officer and a clerk promptly returned fire, the police officer with a 9mm Glock 17, the clerk with a .50calDesert Eagle, assisted by several customers who also drew their guns, several of whom also fired.

The robber was pronounced dead at the scene by  Paramedics. Crime scene investigators located 47 expended cartridge cases in the shop. The subsequent autopsy revealed 23 gunshot wounds. Ballistics identified rounds from 7 different weapons. No one else was hurt in the exchange of fire. It's only May and we already may have the 2005 winner of  the Darwin Award. This guy is going to be hard to beat.

Rant of the Day - 6/1/05 21:00 PDT

Ok, my rant of the day. It's about admins of public servers, responding to requests for assistance by players in said public server, and following through with assistance. I've ranted enough on it already, so just read the transcript here. I've "changed" the names to protect the "innocent", although you could probably figure it out if you knew the people at the server in question. (Wink, wink). And if I hear crap about posting this, I'll repost it with the original names.

Any "editing" has been done in brackets. Really.

[20:12] b: if your not an op, or voice, don't bother messaging me, cuz i won't answer, cool?
[20:12] b: :p
[20:12] p: lol b
[20:12] p: i had voice
[20:13] p: i had voice then i dirnt come for 2 months
[20:13] p: and i losst it
[20:13] NODEraser: You do realize that voice [status] means absolutely nothing?
[20:13] p: so
[20:13] p: =p
[20:13] p: n0d [you old-fashioned SOB] stop being so mean
[20:13] NODEraser: So why the discrimination [against users without voice status]?
[20:13] NODEraser: Whenever Joz comes in here, he just voices everybody who isn't already [anyway]
[20:13] b: k fine, i'll rephrase it, if your not an op, and your messaging me about a hacker, i won't answer it
[20:14] p: will u scroll up
[20:14] NODEraser: Well, then you aren't doing your job then
[20:14] p: and look up the steam id i posted
[20:14] p: look up his names
[20:14] p: u will see he used every hacker name
[20:14] p: he had aimbotg
[20:14] p: everythging
[20:14] b: if i see a steamid, name and server pasted in the channel, and i'm here, i'll check it out, without saying 1 word, ban, etc...
[20:16] p: dude b
[20:16] p: your a gay admin in my opionan i dont know why u got admin ur a flamer ban me w,e ill get someoen 2 unban me later
[20:17] n: me?
[20:17] p: not u
[20:17] n: oh ok :p
[20:17] p: b
[20:17] p: he dosnt do his job
[20:17] p: ffs he is a admin he should learn 2 help
[20:17] n: right, rofl
[20:17] p: <b> k fine, i'll rephrase it, if your not an op, and your messaging me about a hacker, i won't answer it
[20:17] n: maybe because half the reported hackers, don't even hack at all?
[20:18] p: b k fine, i'll rephrase it, if your not an op, and your messaging me about a hacker, i won't answer it
[20:18] p: yea n cuz its better 2 be safe then srry and report?
[20:19] n: well, if you need to msg b about a hacker, he won't go check it, but if you paste the name, steamid, and the server their on, he'll check it, but he doesn't say anything in the channel, whats wrong with that?
[20:19] NODEraser: Fuckshitdamnhellcocksuckermotherfuckerbitchasswhoredouchebagslutmonkeylover [sorry about the profanity, but a net split dumped half of the people in the room. GameSurge has been getting hit pretty heavily with DDoS attacks and other such fucktardiness lately]
[20:19] n: i don't understand how that isn't "doing his job"
[20:19] NODEraser: Well, it's nice for other admins to know if someone is doing something about it
[20:20] NODEraser: And, it's nice to let the people reporting it know so they STFU and don't bother the rest of us
[20:20] n: thats why theres a section in the admin forums that says "Admin Steamids"
[20:20] NODEraser: So they have to visually compare the list of 30+ admins with the ones currently in the game?
[20:21] n: well the whole reason behind them msg'ing is due to the fact that the hacker could be in the channel hacking on that server, so if theres no admins on, "or their afk like b" then they will keep hacking right?
[20:21] NODEraser: How many hackers actually take the time to establish themselves within the community?
[20:21] n: most of the people that even bother checking for hackers, i have all their steamid's in my HLSW marked as Green
[20:22] n: if i see somebody else in their checkin that hacker, i'll keep doin my own thing... simple as that :p
[20:22] NODEraser: Well, then you should add p to your database because he's been a regular for a long time
[20:23] n: why would i do that? he doesn't have rcon, and nobody suspects him to hack.. theres no reason i should need to recognize him and where he plays, do i?
[20:23] NODEraser: That doesn't correlate with what you just said
[20:24] n: do i give a shit? lol makes sense to me [does it make sense to you?]
[20:24] n: :p
[20:24] n: now if you'll excuse me i ahve to take my ribs off the bbq
[20:24] NODEraser: Well, you should give a shit because that's what you're here to do
[20:24] n: i've banned over 60 hackers in the 3 months of being an admin, i'm doing my job just fine thank you
[20:25] NODEraser: I don't care how many you've banned, it's about the quality and customer service
[20:28] n: im not here to do customer service [oh really?], i'm here to be an admin on the cs and ns servers, if you don't like the style of my admin'ing then bring it up with Lean_Mean or Draco about my attitude and how i do things
[20:28] NODEraser: Ok, I will [Right now, I'm too lazy to press the issue any further. But don't push me.]
[20:29] NODEraser: What is the point of admining if there's no customer service involved? That's the reason we ban lamers. If we didn't care about customers (players), then we would let them run unchecked
[20:29] n: i have a set of rules i follow, a banning system with demos and all the information, i post my bans, i'm not doing anything wrong :)
[20:30] NODEraser: If you're not going to respond to peoples' requests for help, then why are you even bothering with the IRC channel? [We always tell people who post information about hackers and other lamers in the forums, to go to the IRC channel first so that someone might be able to take care of it in a more timely fashion]
[20:31] NODEraser: But, apparently that's something that a lot of people don't seem to understand/agree with
[20:33] n: who says i won't respond to them? do you even understand what i've said? ugh.. i'm not even guna bother typing it again, you should re-read what i said.. arguing with you is just guna become a disaster and i'm not going to be a part of it, i'm doing my job, i respond without saying anything, if you don't like it, talk to draco or lean, don't bitch at me about it, cuz i ain't changing unless lean or draco tell me otherwise [Well, I'm pretty sure they brought you on board to do your job.]
[20:33] m: CHANGE!
[20:34] NODEraser: Do what you want, I'm just trying to encourage the admins to be a service, and not just an invisible entity
[20:35] n: i'm the mysterious st0n3r in the back corner, always alone, invisible from the world, [names], whatever u prefer. lol
[20:36] NODEraser: Ok, maybe I just need to take my pills and go to bed. Whoa, it's 8:30! Past my bedtime!
[20:37] n: sleep is overrated

We've got to remember that admins are not just there to have fun. Granted, we may have plenty of that, but we also have a purpose. Our purpose is to ensure that players on our server are having a fair and fun gameplay experience. As admins, we are customer service representatives of the server, and need to treat all parties involved in a professional manner.

And for freakin' out loud, will admins please sign out of IRC if they're not available to help?

Replacement Laptop is Broken! - 5/16/05 23:57 PDT

It's not completely broken, but it's in a state of undesirable operation. It's my fault, really. I thought I would go an upgrade WinXP to Professional (it came with Home Edition), and that ended up messing with drivers and some other stuff. So, I decided to try and use the recovery CDs and discovered that one of the discs is bad. Now, I have to wait for a replacement CD to arrive. It functions, except for the WiFi drivers which just don't seem to be working correctly. That's the trouble with laptops; they seem to be the most difficult to reformat unless you're using the recovery disks to install exactly what the manufcaturer intended.

Here's a signature that I did for clanmate [*TGA*] Pauliac. This was only the first revision, but he seemed to be happy with it.

Pauliac-rev1.jpg (47225 bytes)

Replacement Laptop Has Arrived! - 5/10/05 21:40 PDT

I got my replacement laptop from Averatec today, as a remedy for the one that spontaneously combusted. It's pretty obvious that it's a new one, because it lacks the "love" scars that were pretty characteristic of the old one. I'll have to try and be more careful with this one. And, I'm also going to limit my distributed computing operations to 1 logical processor. That will keep the total CPU usage in the 50% range, in addition to whatever other programs are running. Hopefully, that way I won't have any more problems with overheating. It already seems to be running a lot cooler than the old one, which kind of confirms (in my mind) the theory that the old one's problem was a chip defect. I wonder if battery life will improve as well...

I am still looking for computing equipment, especially Macintosh stuff of all shapes, sizes and colors. The incentive that has really seemed to work, is that I will come and pick up the stuff and take it off your hands for free! It never ceases to amaze me that, to "donate" a monitor to some place, you have to give a $15 "donation".

New Apple/Macintosh Parts Site and Signature for [*TGA*] NECRIMONIUM - 5/9/05 18:27 PDT

Because I have so many Apple and Macintosh parts, I've put together a site, in an attempt to unload them. Check out my Mac Stuff page, where you'll find all sorts of... Well, Mac stuff.

Completed a forum signature for clanmate [*TGA*] NECRIMONIUM. That's the Dutch flag, in case you didn't know.

NECRIMONIUM-rev4.jpg (50390 bytes)

Forum Signatures - 5/2/05 10:12 PDT

Looking for a cool signature for forum use? Check out this forum, post a request and see what the resident signature artists can do for you. Their work is top-notch and free, so head on over ASAP! There are a couple artists who will each provide at least one concept. Then, you can fine-tune all you want. Here are a few of the signatures that they came up for me:

signature5.jpg (33165 bytes)

signature3.gif (29669 bytes)

signature5.jpg (33165 bytes)

signature2.gif (97993 bytes)

signature8.gif (47343 bytes)

signature6.gif (202743 bytes)

This is the one I'm currently using in the GibGames forums:

signature.jpg (35124 bytes)

Taking a look at their work inspired me to do my own signature for TFC. Sure, it's not as fancy as the ones that the pros can pull off, but it's not bad for the fourth or so image I've created in Photoshop.

tgasig.jpg (44112 bytes)

I am also currently working on a signature for my clanmate, [*TGA*] NECRIMONIUM and might be working on a few others soon. I am absolutely doing it for free, because it gives me a chance to play around with Photoshop while doing something semi-productive and learning the ropes in the process. I've also recently done this banner, for our lodge website. It's simple, but functional. The picture of Crater Lake came from two seperate photos, which I (seamlessly) spliced together.

491Headerv1.jpg (58087 bytes)

In case you didn't catch it in that last snippet, I'm now part of a Team Fortress Classic clan, [*TGA*] or The GibGames Alliance. It's mostly made up of a bunch of regulars from the GibGames TFC #3 server. Check out our clan website, http://tga.mubble.com/

Need a compact keyboard to save desk space? - 4/25/05 07:45 PDT

If you are low and desk space, and are looking for a smaller keyboard, check out the Apple USB Keyboard that came with the iMac/G3/G4. It's very small and compact, has the escape and F-keys, a numberpad and home/pgup/pgdn. It doesn't have the middle bank of keys with insert/scroll lock/print screen, etc. but it's still got the indpendent arrow keys. Windows XP will automatically remap the Control, Option and Apple keys to Ctrl, Alt and the Windows Key. Plus, Apple USB keyboards have a 2-port USB hub built in, allowing you to plug in your mouse (short mouse cord?), flash drive or any other USB accessory if your USB ports are hard to get to (like on the back of the computer). The new "pro" ones are OK but don't work as well, because they are larger and have a bunch of extra keys that would need to be remapped with an external program. The only downside to using an Apple keyboard on your PC, is that they are more expensive, even on eBay. And, they usually have a much shorter cord than other USB keyboards.

Computer Parts Listings - 4/16/05 15:25 PDT

Check the "Computer Stuff" category in the navigation section, for a listing of the computer parts (Mac & PC) that are laying around my place. Yes, I'm a packrat. I am willing to sell outright, or trade these items for something else. If you think the price is unfair, email me and I'll see what I can do.

If you have some older Apple Macintosh parts, systems or software lying around collecting dust, I might be able to find a home for it. Drop me an email.

Macintosh SE Integrated with Car? - 4/9/05 14:37 PDT

Ok, not quite. But, I am sitting here in the backseat of my car in a friend's driveway playing around with the Macintosh SE. It's just sitting on the seat, with an inverter running it. Why? Because I can, and I've got nothing better to do today. Perahps someday, I'll integrate it into the dashboard. Okay, probably not. But worse things have been done with computers and cars.

Need a computer or repairs? - 4/6/05 00:03 PDT

Well, I've decided to resurrect the old Custom Computers and repairs gig. I'll probably go low-key about it, and post some signs at the mailboxes in the neighborhood and whatnot. But, if any of my loyal readers are in need of a custom PC (I could do repairs too, but the shipping might be counter-productive), drop me a line and I'll give you a quote as soon as I can. I'll even include a 1-year warranty on all new systems. I can even help you determine what you'll need in a new computer. Please note that I used to do this under the name "HSI Computers" way back when. Sure, I only built like two, but I had fun doing it. And, my customer service (although I may not be available 24 hours a day) is a lot better than Dell's.

I have discovered Photoshop - 3/9/05 23:18 PST

Yep. Pretty cool program. It took me a long time to do everything, because I had to learn it from scratch. Check out the banner on the top of the production page.

topbanner.gif (55397 bytes)

I also did some stuff for my Classic Movies class, in "response" to the movie Dr. Strangelove. The persona used in the pictures just seemed to fit. Don't ask. Picture 1 - Picture 2

I thought I told you not to ask?

Averatec DCP Operations Scaled Back - 3/7/05 11:02 PST

I have decided to limit the number of logical processors BOINC can use on my Laptop (Averatec) to 1, since the processor runs really hot at 100% (2 logical processors) and the cooling system is inadequate for sustained use at such temperatures. I'm not even sure if I should be running BOINC at all with my laptop, since it seems to run just as hot with 1 processor as it does with 2. Let's hope the thing just doesn't die on me some day soon.

Old Computers Update - 3/3/05 6:57 PDT

 I seem to be amassing quite a collection of old Macs. In addition to the LC (68030 16 MHz) I've had for a while now, I have come across a Mac SE (68000 8 MHz) and a Quadra 610 (68LC040 25 MHz). It seems that the advertisement here on the website is turning out. What I find most surprising, is that people actually read this stuff. I guess I'll have to tone it down a bit, now that I know I've got an audience.

 Thanks to everyone who's been so generous in cleaning out their garages/attics/offices. It looks I'm fast on my way to becoming an old Mac rescue agency. Along the way, I've also gathered a few contacts for old Mac and other computer stuff; if you're looking for something that you can't seem to find on eBay, feel free to drop me a line.

Maybe I can find someone with the part you're looking for. Or, you could try <OLD MAC FORUM>
 One of my current/upcoming projects is going to be getting the Macintosh SE on the Internet. Why? Because I can, and I figure that if the technology still works, it should be put to good use. Sure, it may not be as fast or have all the "bells and whistles," but it's a lot better than just throwing it away. Now, I just have to figure out how to make everything work.

 Check out Lowendmac.com and <JEGS OLD MAC SITE>. They have some pretty good resources for older Macs. Apple-history.org has good specs for even the oldest of Apples computers.

Photo Gallery Semi-Operational - 2/22/05 00:26 PST

Go and check out my Photo Gallery. I've started out with pictures of my canoe trip to Waldo Lake, and I'll be adding more pictures from my various (mis)adventures later. Photos of productions I've worked on will remain in the Theatre/Production section.

Pitiful Request - 1/10/05 15:09 PST

You may have noticed the "Wanted" notice towards the top of the page. With the price of technology coming down, nearly everybody has a computer these days, and some people upgrade quite often and just throw away their old equipment. Not only is this a waste of technology, the chemicals and such that are used to build computing equipment isn't exactly environmentally friendly. So, instead of paying the fees at the recycling center to properly get rid of your computing equipment, why don't you give it to someone who will use it? You see, that's where I come in. I try to make a hobby of assembling, rebuilding and debugging old systems and making them functional/useful again. So if you have some equipment you'd like to get rid of, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands. And, if you live in Oregon or SW Washington, I'd even pick it up.

Head on over to the wanted page for details on what I am currently looking for/will accept and for contact details.

Dell Coupons (Update 12/31) - 12/31/04 12:01 PST

Updated codes and such. If you use one, please email me so I can take it off--they can only be used once. Use them up, before they expire on January 5.

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

Pitiful Request, Dell Coupons (Update 12/29) - 12/29/04 12:35 PST

If you've noticed, I've put a "wanted" notice on the top of my page. It's a pitiful request for computing equipment. I enjoy putting old stuff together, so if you've got any, won't you part with it? Think of it as an enviornmentally friendly way of disposing of your old computing equipment, without the fees that recycling centers charge.

I hope your Christmas was merry and all that. Didn't have a white one as I'd hope, unless you count all the stuff from a few weeks ago. Instead, the snow came on the 26th, a day late. It's supposed to snow some each day for the next week, and there even might be some in Portland! Cool!

Updated codes and such. If you use one, please email me so I can take it off--they can only be used once. Use them up, before they expire on January 5.

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

New Laptop, Dell Coupons (Update 12/23) - 12/23/04 12:12 PST

Well, I've actually had the laptop for about a week now. But, here it is:

Averatec AV6130H1-10
Uniwill 258SA2 Mainboard
Pentium 4 3.0GHz w/HT Technology
512MB PC2700 DDR RAM
64MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Graphics Card w/VGA and S-Video outputs
Realtek AC-97 Audio
Integrated Ethernet, 56k, Wireless 802.11b/g
Infrared Port (for Syncing my Palm without cables)
15.4" WXGA Widescreen
Windows XP Home Edition
3 USB 2.0, 1 serial, 1 IEEE1394 and 1 PCMCIA III slot

Total cost: $1100. The same model for $1200 comes with a DVD multi-writer. Here's a picture of it, alongside my olde computer (with a borrowed monitor). Pretty good for the price. Now I can enjoy unparalleled mobility, yadda yadda yadda. Battery life is not as good as a Celeron (I'm guessing around 2+/- hours vs. 5), but I don't anticipate needing to use the battery too much. It's not having to tear everything apart to move it somewhere that was the selling point for me.

Updated codes and such. If you use one, please email me so I can take it off--they can only be used once.

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

Dell Coupons (Update 12/22) - 12/22/04 19:38 PST

Updated codes and such. If you use one, please email me so I can take it off--they can only be used once.  .

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

Dell Coupons (Update 12/19) - 12/19/04 12:35 PST

More coupons for my wonderful (nonexistant) guests

Updated codes and such. If you use one, please email me so I can take it off--they can only be used once.  .

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

Dell Coupons (Update 12/18) - 12/18/04 18:18 PST

You know, it occured to me that nobody probably reads this stuff. It's not like I've advertised the site in a few years, and I recently changed the location without leaving a forwarding page at the old one. Oh well. It brings me entertainment, typing things for the whole world to (not) see.

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

Dell Coupons (Update 12/17) - 12/17/04 11:52 PST

Updated codes and such. If you use one, please email me so I can take it off--they can only be used once. 

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

All of my incessant rambling is put in the news archive after 6 months.

Dell Coupons (Updated) - 12/16/04 11:54 PST

Ok, I've decided to just post the codes here. But if you use one, please email me so I can take it off--they can only be used once. 

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

Dell Savings Update - 12/15/04 16:03 PST

Upated eValue coupons and quantities. If you want one, please email me at [old address removed] and I'll send you the code and take it off the list. These offers are good through January 5, 2005.

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

New News Format, Dell Online Savings - 12/14/04 15:52 PST

If you're planning on ordering a computer from dell, I have some eValue coupons that might be useful to you. I have the following coupons. To get the code (they are only good once), send me an email and let me know which coupon you want. First come, first serve. I will post updates to this as I get more codes, and as they are used up.

(I removed the coupons, because they took up a lot of space and aren't good anymore anyway.)

And yes, I've adopted a new format for my news and updates. I think it makes it easier to read the news items.

12/9/04 15:05 PST: Well, finals are over and I'm back at my parents' house in Central Oregon. There's over a foot and a half of snow here. Gues I'll have myself a white Christmas. Driving in was fun, though; whoever has been plowing the roads in the development has done an absolutely horrid job. When I got to our street, I kind of had to ski in--the wheels on the right side of my car weren't actually touching the ground. Instead, I was kind of high-centered, and used the left wheels to paddle along. Luckily, we don't live too far down the street and I managed to get into our driveway, while only getting stuck once.

11/30/04 19:17 PST: Whoa. It's the last week of classes. Next week, I "get" to start finals. Lucky me. It's quite a daunting preposition, since I'm still wondering where September went to. They say that time flies when you're having fun; I haven't had time for fun. I've just been incredibly busy. Guess life does that.

Got any "spare" hardware laying around your house? I'd be more than happy to take if off you hands. Since my "main" computers are a P1-120 and P3-550, there really isn't anything "too old" that I wouldn't take. Heck, I'd even take some 486 stuff if you were willing to part with it. It's rough being a poor college student, and not being able to buy cutting-edge technology. I'll use it for my own evil purposes; for constructing a farm of machines for SETI-BOINC or some other distributed computing project. And then, there's my plan to take over the world... Step out of line, and my farm will put numerous charges from newegg and eBay on your credit card. Muahahaha!

11/28/04 17:17 PST: Someone posted a link to a website called pctech4free.com in a forum that I frequent. Its premise is similar to that of the "get rich by sending $1 to 5 people" pyramid/chain letters that circulated in the mid-late 90's. You choose one of the "gifts", which you will receive after referring a specified number of people. If you read the fine print, however, there are absolutely no guarantees that you'll get anything. But since they don't ask for any personal information (only your email address), I figured "what the heck" and gave it a shot.

Call it an experiment... I would be absolutely amazed if anything came out of it, but it would be nice to replace the gimptop. I'll be sure to post "results" here, if there are any.

Referral Link: http://www.pctech4free.com/default.aspx?ref=10450

Speaking of the Gimptop, I got it free from a friend. It's by no means a desktop replacement, but it should help with various tasks (i.e., Word Processing) that would be facilitated much easier with the mobility of a laptop. It's a Panasonic CF-41 (predecessor of the Toughbook); Pentium 120, 16MB RAM, 1.5 GB HD, CD-ROM (under the keyboard, of all places), removable disk drive. I've got Windows 98 on it, and it actually runs Word 2000 and other programs decently. It just takes an incredibly long time to install new software... Which doesn't make sense, since everything runs just fine. And, it's got PCMCIA slots, so I can get on the network and upload pictures from my digital camera. I could use a new battery, though. The internal one that came with it holds a charge just long enough for the power light to come on for a second.

11/19/04 11:33 PST: I've given up on climateprediction.net. According to the estimated time until completion, it would take me 120 days (with my computer on 24/7) to complete a single work unit. And I've noticed that with BOINC, units usually take 3x longer than the initial estimate. So, I've reverted back to SETI (although the BOINC version this time) until I find a new project. I'll probably wait for Einstein@Home or LHC@Home, both physics-based DCPs.

11/17/04 17:15 PST: I've added a page about Distributed Computing Projects. Want to make use of the spare processing cycles on your computer? Contribute them to a cause you find worthy!

11/6/04 22:50 PDT: None too happy about Dubya getting reelected. Here's some pictures of fall stuff, from around campus.

10/11/04 15:12 PDT: Here's some crazy flyer that people have been leaving on the desks in classrooms. If only it were true, then things would be so much easier...

10/8/04 15:07 PDT: I finally managed to get the page together for the 2004 Section W-1A Shows. Check it out!

10/8/04 12:20 PDT: I fixed the backgrounds on some of the pages that came up completely white. Apparently, they were all linked to a background image that I no longer have. I also fixed the bookmarks on the Tech Bible. I also put a back link on the Theatre Humor page. You didn't really want to go anywhere else. And, I made some changes to the Production Main page. You know what? Why don't you just go and check it out!

9/30/04 21:14 PDT: Well, I made it to Portland State! Rock on! One of the many benefits of this move, is that I now have a nice ad-free place to post my site! Already I can see I'm going to be busy, as I've got 16 credits worth of classes lined up this term. One of those, Tech Theatre I (TA111) requires me to be on a crew position for the department's upcoming production of Lysistrata. We'll see how that goes, along with my other commitments.

Soon, I hope to have the production page for the 2004 Section W-1A Shows complete. I had the (mis)fortune of being the technical director. While we had a pretty green committee, it happened and I doubt anyone noticed much of a difference. Hopefully. Also at Conclave, I had the distinct pleasure of being elected to the position of Section Secretary. While I'm sure it will be a bunch of work that will prevent me from being with the shows committee next year, I'll do my best to keep my fingers in the pool. I jump at the opportunity.

And, I could still use a hand, figuring out how to properly format this page the way I want...

8/5/04 18:45 PDT: Whee. I don't have anywhere to post my site. So, you'll just have to wait to read this.

6/14/04 19:01 PDT: I fixed a couple links that weren't working properly in the navigation section. Too bad that my Hevanet account (current hosting) has expired since I've got DSL now, so I can't post the updated page. So, I suppose this will come out some time down the road, when I can find hosting somewhere else. Hevanet, I'll miss you; you were an excellent ISP and provided quality services at a low price, with great customer service.

5/8/04 21:22 PDT: Well, I got some images for the navigation bar. Don't know about a header, and I'm still not sure what to do about the colors.

5/7/04 20:11 PDT: Aside from adding some color (?), I think I need some images for this fancy new page. Any suggestions?

5/6/04 20:32 PDT: Well, I've decided to try out a new site layout. Still nothing fancy, but I think it will work better than the old design. This site was created using a cleaned-up version of a template from SSI-Developer. Thanks for the template, guys! You will also notice that I played around with the navigation bar a bit, reogranizing things into categories, and adding new links.

Right now, the home page will be the only one with the new design. I have to figure out how to make it so I can update the navigation bar, and not redo the entire site. And as for color, I think I'll keep the monochrome scheme... Unless anyone has any suggestions?

5/5/04 21:11 PDT: Wohoo! All of my production pages are now up and running. It took many hours of hard work, and a few attacks of carpal tunnel. It's okay, the damage isn't permanent. But, the pages are! Check them out over in the Production/Theatre section!

By the way, my hopes of putting together a database of distributed computing projects were shattered when a GasBuddy member pointed out this one. Oh, well. Less work for me.

5/4/04 20:08 PDT: I have all of my production pages up to date, except for my most recent production of The Merry Widow. But, there are still photos there--check 'em out! Finished strike on this production Saturday.

4/26/04 20:14 PDT: I'm trying to put together a directory of distributed computing projects. If you know of one that's not in my listing, please send me a link and a short description to [old address removed]. Also, send some sort of identifier (name, email, nickname, etc.) so I can give you credit.

4/24/04 22:54 PDT: I've posted a basic page that has some photos of The Merry Widow, the production I'm currently working on. I'll post more information sometime in the near future.

1/28/04 22:01 PST: I have fixed the link to the ETC Express Basics manual/guide that was on the Production/Theatre webpage. Download and distribute at will, as long as you don't modify the file in any way. If you have suggestions, etc., then please email me.

I have also made some changes to my eBay & Half.com page.

12/19/03 22:21 PST: I have added some more insight into the world of Shorts IV. I also uploaded the page I had started to create for Ovation. My new policy on production pages is as follows: I will not post any more pages unless I have a major position (lighting designer, etc.) on the crew, or if I have pictures not available anywhere else. And I don't expect to take the time to list every last actor, crew position and "special thanks" section anymore. I don't want to spend oodles of time, writing about a show that I built a flat for.

12/18/03 19:58 PST: While poking around my own site, I noticed that the Shorts IV page is actually the Scoutrageous 2003 page. I have fixed the error; check out my high-quality lighting design!

I've also gotten a job--of sorts. I'm currently working with the folks at Central Oregon Community College, helping them with rentals of their facility and such. The theatre program and related shows were cut with the budget, but they still have stuff going on all the time. I hope to get a more regular job (or supplementary) soon. I am also seriously considering transferring to Portland State next year, to study Tech Theatre.

It's much too late now, but check out the sidebar for links to great gifts; Half.com, or computer games in my Store! (An affiliation with Chips & Bits, inc.) I am, after all, a poor college student and I could use the extra pennies.

Oh... They captured Saddam. Yeah. Now can our soldiers come home?

10/8/03 20:35 PST: To conserve space on my website (unfortunately, I only have 5MB) I have trimmed all of the photos under the production section down to 640 x 480, from their original 1027 x 768. If you would like to see the high-resolution versions of the photos for some reason, email me and I'll figure out how to get them to you.

I have also fixed the broken link problem with the ETC Express Basics manual.

10/1/03 20:53 PST: My email address (formerly [old address removed]) has changed to [old address removed]. Please note this is a randomly generated, anti-Spam address and is subject to change without prior notice. This new email address (which can also be found on the "Contact Info" page is the most up-to-date address, despite what other pages might say.

Also, be sure to check out the new pictures from Shorts IV, the Section W1A Conclave and Scoutrageous in the Production section!

9/10/03 20:28 PST: I've removed the Eraser's Game World and HyperSoft Interactive sections of the site, to conserve space. I'm adding more pictures to the "theatre & production" section, and since this stuff hadn't been updated in years, I got rid of it. Still looking for a decent free host. Please email me if you've got any ideas...

9/8/03 21:07 PST: Okay, I've already had it with Freewebs. They only limit you to 50 files, and my site currently has 115. So it's just not going to work out. Everything will be temporarily hosted back at Hevanet, the original address. The problem is that I won't have Hevanet for much longer, since I've moved and have to change ISP's. I've found one host that sounds semi-promising, so I'm currently looking into it.

9/7/03 20:54 PST: Freewebs seems to be okay so far in terms of advertising, but I'm not too crazy about the single-file uploading interface. It takes way too long! I'm slowly looking for another free host with web access, so this page may move again sometime soon. Sorry, but finding the best host seems to be a long and grueling process.

8/10/03 22:42 PST: I’m currently in the process of moving my website over to Freewebs.com. You can consider this the “current” address for my site for the time being. It may take a while for me to get everything up to speed here, because I have to manually upload my files one at a time. It’s kind of tedious, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for no popups and ads. That’s  right, I’m doing it for the benefit of all you happy people out there. But if I find a host with better options, I may choose to move there…

7/4/03 23:45 PST: Happy 4th and all that Jazz… Because I’m in the process of moving, I will soon have to abandon my Portland area ISP. This means that this site and everything on it will cease to exist in about a month or so. I’m frantically searching for a new webhost, but so far all the free ones seem to suck. So if you’d like to be in the loop on where I move my site to, please send me an email at [old address removed] and I’ll send out an announcement when a new host is procured.

4/28/03 20:53 PST: Feel like supporting a student who could use a few extra dollars here and there? Use the “Store” link in the navigation bar, and buy a game or two from Chips & Bits. Or you could sign up for a PayPal or Half.com account. These are all my sponsors, and any money I make from them goes into the ol’ college education fund. Currently saving up for one o’ them spiffy laptop/notebook computers that I can take between school and home. I could have pop-ups or other, more intrusive methods of advertisement, but I personally find those annoying, and I’ll save you the hardship.

Got a copy of Windows XP Professional from a friend. Since it’s built off the Windows NT family of operating systems, it’s definitely a lot more stable. And faster; I’ve shaved six hours off of my SETI@Home work units.

Sadly, it seems that either everyone agrees with my views, or nobody reads this page. I haven’t received any flaming emails about my stance on the mostly finished war in Iraq…

And in case anyone cares, the EGWorld email service is still operation. Head on over to http://egworld.zzn.com and get yourself a free email account. On the house.

4/11/03 22:39 PST: Although I've been very busy with Shorts IV lately (it's tech week), I found the time to add some stuff to my website. I've found a cool little program that uses the downtime of your computer to analyze data from radio telescopes in the search for extra terrestrial intelligence. You have the option of running a screen saver that analyzes data, or a client that runs all the time. There are similar programs, such as Folding@Home that analyze data for cancer reasearch and others.

3/21/03 20:13 PST: Well, it looks like we’re cruising through to Baghdad. I’d like to say that I support the war efforts in Iraq, and hope that the coalition forces will be able to get their job done quickly, and with as little loss of life (civilians especially) as possible. The fact that thousands of Hussein’s troops are surrendering like Frenchmen should give people some indication as to how terrible a leader he is. It’s about time someone finally did something about Iraq. While cooperation with the United Nations would have been nice, the UN has largely become ineffective. In the past twelve years, Iraq has defied four major UN resolutions, with no consequence. For all those anti-war folk out there, you can send me all the flaming emails you want. [old address removed]. Please note than any such emails may be posed on the site.

And now, for some non-war stuff. I totally busted up my PDA the other day. Dropped it face-down on a chair. The screens apparently aren’t very tough. The really crappy part is that Visor’s website estimates the repair cost to be $99; which is about $10 more than I paid for the damn thing new. It’s too bad, since I use it a lot. I guess it’s back to writing notes on my hand and on random scraps of paper… Check out the damage below:

I have also been very busy with the upcoming Shorts IV. Specifically, I have been helping out with the filming of The Project, a film that will be shown in place of a live-action act. When it gets down to production time, be sure to stop by and see my lighting design. And yes, I’m still interested in getting a summer job in the entertainment industry.

Yes, I have more to say. Spent last weekend at our Lodge’s Rendezvous of the Order, and the awards banquet. A couple of people in our chapter were nominated for awards. Congratulations to Chris Allen, who was elected for the vigil honor and will be our next lodge chief! I have also been selected to be an outdoor school counselor for Rosemont Ridge Middle School. I think that should be fun.

2/26/03 17:19 PST: Well, The Comedy of Errors is over. Ok, it was over a couple of weeks ago. I just haven't gotten around to the site. At any rate, it was fun. Sadly, it will be the last show at WLHS where I will be in the position of Master Electrician. One of the stipulations of my position as Lighting Designer on Shorts IV (the end of the year show) is that I must train another ME before I pass into the real world... Pictures, links and other Krud for Comedy will be posted as I get them.

It has been brought to my attention that there is no May 9th performance of Henry V, as I had listed in the theatre section. If you were planning to go that day, sorry! Check out the production photos of Henry V, courtesy of Jon Ares' website!

A wave goes out to the folks over at Portlandgasprices.com, a few of which may be dropping by soon. Don't get lost in the mess!

1/13/03 17:01 PST: Well, it has been brought to my attention that my website ("websuck", as the tipster put it--you know who you are!) is awfully cluttered. In an attempt to cut back, there are fewer news items on the front page. That’s all I’ll be doing right now; when I get around to reading the 644-page book about optimal site building for Internet Explorer, maybe I'll do a major redesign of some sort. And, since Microsoft no longer makes FrontPage Express, I’m looking into finding a new editor that I can easily work with. Word doesn’t seem to bad for now, but I still have to use FPX for some stuff. At least Word has a speelchecker. (Joke intended—LAUGH, damn you!)

And, assuming that anyone actually reads this junk, feel free to email me with suggestions on how I can improve the site. I should hope you’re already doing so, if you find any errors. (Sadly, this was the first message I received about doing anything to my site. And I had to ask him to look at it—probably meaning nobody ever reads this krud)

1/11/03 21:21 PST: I've added a list of my upcoming productions, that I'm currently aware of. I've also added information for Flowers for Algernon (WLHS May 2001) and Radio KLIN: On The Air (WLHS November 2001)

11/26/02 18:22 PST: You'll find that my Theatre section is now operational. While I don't have anything about current productions I'm involved with (since I'm still planning my next season), you can find information about past shows I've worked on. Specifically, you can find cast & crew lists, photos and other info for Twelfth Night (WLHS November 2000) and On The Razzle (WLHS February 2001)

11/25/02 18:39 PST: The EGWorld website has been updated for the last time. I will no longer update it, and all links, images and pages will not be updated.

11/25/02 16:42 PST: I will soon be deleting the EGWorld Mail service. You won't find the link in the navigation bar anymore, but you can still access the service at http://egworld.zzn.com. You will still be able to sign up for a new account for a little while, then I'm pulling the plug. You'll still be able to use your account, but you won't be able to create a new one, or recover one that is deleted because it has not been used for 3 months.

11/24/02 19:29 PST: I have started the redesigning process of my website. I'm going to attempt to make it encompass many (all would be impossible) aspects of my life, that would be useful to have on the internet. And I’m not going to include a "Top of Page" link after every post, so you'll just have to move your lazy cursor over to the scroll bar.

11/24/02 19:27 PST: After finishing our run of "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" at West Linn High School, I am pretty exhausted. Strike lasted until 2:00am, and the cast/crew party (where I quickly fell asleep on the couch) lasted until about 6:00am. Unfortunately, I also had to return at noon to load-out our rental equipment. 

All news below this line is from Eraser's Game World, the old focus of my site.

7/9/02 13:28 PST: I'm sorry to say that, after six years of running this site, I will be moving on to other things. I enjoyed working on this site, but I haven't been able to find the time to keep it updated. As a result, the number of visitors has been down, since there hasn't been any real "new" content in a few years. This homepage will be replaced with a more personal site, where you'll find my latest projects. You will still be able to access all of the old EGW pages through this site. I hope that maybe someday I can find more time to revive the site...

6/15/02 22:00 PST: Well, I think I figured out why this whole Velvet Strike thing came about. Wired's article makes a pretty good explanation:

"Spearheaded by Schleiner, the college professor behind the Anime Noir game where successful sexual foreplay wins points, Velvet-Strike is the latest way for players to influence their online gaming environments."

People who make kinky sex games shouldn't tell me how to play my FPS.

6/15/02 21:49 PST: If you read the Planet Half Life mailbag, you may have heard of this already. Some moron wrote an article at Wired News, which attacks counter-strike as an excessively violent game. Don't really have time to make a detailed response, but the guy at PHL is right on. This lady, who is the lead "programmer" of Velvet Strike, has to be the most ignorant person on the face of the planet. And on that whole topic of violence and video games; if you can't tell the difference between a video game and life, chances are you've failed out of school, can't hold a job, and are still living with your parents. And those parents who don't seek help for their excessively violent kids (or lock up their guns) don't deserve to produce offspring. So there.

5/21/02 17:02 PST: Looking for a kick-ass gaming snack? Try Tim's Cascade Style Jalapeno Potato Chips. They come in other tasty flavors if Jalapeno isn't your thing, too... Try the Sour Cream & Onion... Mmmm... If you don't live in the Great Northwest, or if your store is stupid enough not to stock such a fine product, go to Tim's Website. Man, you gotta love the Northwest. Especially Oregon. We started all kinds of cool stuff. Take Intel for example. Or Nike. Hewlett-Packard, InFocus, Egghead... We got it all... Check out my "Why Oregon is Great" website for more details.

5/1/02: 0:57 PST: A rather random thought, that just went through my head as I was degaussing my monitor. Why do you need to degauss? Other than repairing the damage your friend did with the magnet, what good does a degausser do? And what are the operating principles of a degaussing coil? From the basic operating principles of a magnet, the only way to decrease the power is to drop it (jarring the electrons out of alignment) or heating it up (causing sporadic motion). But then again, I suppose that electromagnetism has a whole different set of rules and stuff. So what the heck does it do? Huh??? It's much too early for me to be thinking clearly... And yes, I’m trying to avoid my term paper, again.

4/27/02 19:28 PST: Even though I don't have a functioning Half-Life section (maybe soon...) on the site, it's well worth mentioning that Counter-Strike version 1.4 is now available. Go and download it now: Mod 1.3-1.4 Upgrade, Mod 1.4 Full Install, Retail Full Install, Retail 1003-1004 Upgrade

4/25/02 20:45 PST: Again, it's been a while since I've even visited my own site. I really need some more free time. Got rid of the old polls, and added a new one about the forum. You have looked at the forum, haven't you? I don't know... Perhaps Yahoo! was better, because it had more features, and functioned more like a mailing list, so you didn't have to check it all the time. If you're actually reading this, thanks. I've noticed that the number of visitors lately has declined. Ah, the good old days, when people actually stopped by. But if you actually think I’m doing a good job, drop me a line, or leave a message in the forum.

Another cool thing a friend recommended to me; it's called Trillian. It's a single program, that allows you to combing AIM, ICQ, MSN Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and IRC. Well worth a try for those of us who have way too many messaging accounts.

1/13/02 18:25 PST: Well, we now have an Alxnet forum. Just click on the "forum" section in the navigation bar at left, and you'll be there. Don't bother with the Yahoo! club, because it will be deleted soon. Don't worry, I’ll transfer all the messages over for some reason or another.

1/5/02 12:34 PST: I bet that button thing produces an error for you when your first load the page. This is normal, don't be alarmed. It'll go away in six months.

1/4/02 16:54 PST: Hee hee hee (laughs like Dr. Hibbert), here's a fun little fellow to click. Click it multiple times!

1/4/02 12:38 PST: I don't know, I think Yahoo! clubs is kind of funky. The way the messages are organized doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, and we don't use any of the other features. About the only thing I do like is the option to have all messages emailed to you. So I think maybe I should just start an on-site forum. It would be from Alxnet, and would look like this. You don't have to sign up for an account at all if you don't want to, and you don't have to deal with Yahoo! I couldn't make my mind up myself, so I added a second poll to let the users decide. now! Also, don't forget that you can have a free EGWorld email account! Use the "Mail" link under the main navigation section to sign up and check your existing account.

1/2/02 21:38 PST: Was just looking at some of the old website files before I delete them, and ran across the old downloads section. What happened to good, old unlimited free web space? Xoom was a great service, then NBCi bought it and they placed restrictions. Then, NBCi decided that they didn't want to have web space anymore, and now we're all stuck up a tree. If only we could afford our own domain and web space... Or maybe someone could serve as a download mirror/server. Don't point the finger at me; I still have (gasp!) my old 56k. No high-bandwidth for me. Maybe we could solve this problem with some contributions. Heck, if you just sign up for a PayPal account and verify it, we get $5. We'll give you recognition! Please! Go ahead and do it! You know you want to!

1/2/02 21:28 PST: What the heck is that eyesore at the top of this page?? No, no, I don't mean the banner OR my lovely Paint-created artwork. I'm referring to the "Contributions to the Feed EGWorld Fund" thingy. That refers to the contributions website users (like you!) I got this idea while looking at another website; if you have a PayPal account and would like to make an immediate contribution, use my email address, [address removed]. Otherwise, send me an email for other payment information.

1/2/02 20:55 PST: Well, I seem to have repaired the page to the best of my ability. It wasn't as bad as I thought; I only lost the main page and a few others in the main directory. But be on the lookout for any other missing or blank pages/images. Luckily, I was able to save most everything on the main page except news from earlier today, since I only redesigned the site last night. Such is progress. Well, if you haven't been here in a while, cool new frame stuff, huh?

1/2/02: This sucks. This really, really sucks. I don't know how, but all of my web page files mysteriously became blank. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I was uploading them to my server, when I was clicking "Cancel" and emitting flaming showers of swear words. Maybe I’ll get around to rebuilding the website sometime soon. Until then, sorry...

1/1/02: New website design, with frames for easier navigation and website updating. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was, or made it seem. Outside a simple little HTML tag, I can just edit my website just like old times... But, if you'd rather run to the security blanket of the old site style, use this link. But don't expect any updates.

1/1/02: Happy New Year! Had a chance to play Halo over the holidays, and Wow! Too bad it won't come out for PC in a while... Added a new poll on the subject of Halo and the xBox. Share any information you have on the subject in the forum.

10/19/01: Well, none of the Game Ad Exchange banners work anymore. Too bad, since they brought in the most traffic. Time to find another mutual advertisement program. Hopefully I’ll figure frames out someday, so I can update the website features without having to fix each page.

10/15/01: Pleeeaaassssseeeee post in the forummmm... Tell people what's on your mind, vent anger, do something!

9/22/01: I put a mini-review of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Multiplayer test in the forum. If you have already played this demo, post your thoughts on it.

9/14/01: Added new poll, on the subject of the United States going to war. If you are a website reader from outside the United States, we would especially like to hear your views on this issue. Please speak out in the forum!

9/11/01: On this day of National mourning, please post your thoughts in the forum. We would like to thank the Police, Fire, and Paramedics who are doing their best in the rescue effort, and that help protect our well being. We would also like to thank the men and women of our armed forces, who defend our nation, its flag, and all we stand for. God bless America!

7/11/01: If you haven't heard about the security issues that have been brought up about Windows XP, you should head over to grc.com now and read their report. Be warned: the page is really, really long, but it tells you exactly what the problem is, and what Microsoft plans to do about it (currently nothing.)Have an opinion about this issue? Voice it in the forum. After reading this page, I have decided that Windows 98 is still just fine for me. In other news, I am amazed at the number of people who come to my site every week! They must actually be doing something, since the polls are getting voted on. Maybe I need to update more often. If anybody wants to contribute anything, please email me at [address removed].

7/9/01: Go and check out the Yahoo EGWorld club--which will be used as the forum and message board. Go there, express your opinion, ask questions, have fun. I'm going to do a little reorganization of the site, making it easier for me to update.

5/4/01: I am in the process of getting rid of bad links and stuff from all the pages. I'll try and get the download server back up; it may take a while to find all the files again. If you have any files, links, or would like to contribute to the site, please email me at [address removed]. Also added a new poll to see where I should expand the site.

3/13/01: Put up a new poll about Napster, and posted the results from the old one. The really old one--I guess I need more poll topics. If you have a good poll, email it to me. Hope to get downloads back up soon.

2/18/01: Hmmm... Something doesn't look right, I have posted more news since November. Oh well. I'd like to thanks all of the people who came to my site--70-120 a week. I am going to start a site for ROM's, since I can never seem to find a good ROM site that actually works. If you don't know what ROMS are, they are programs and files that allow you to play console games (usually older cartridge-type ones) on your PC or Mac.

11/20/00: NBCI deleted my XOOM account because I didn't have any HTML files there. So, that means the downloads section is pretty much fried over for the time being.

9/29/00: New Poll

6/20/00: I have since joined the staff of Cyclohexane, a e/n site. Unfortunately, the server crashed and our fearless leader (Muffin) is presently trying to relocate. What the hell is an e/n site? I'm not quite sure myself, which is probably a bad thing considering i'm on the staff.Oh well, I guess that means more time for EGW. I could still use your help if you know a lot about HTML. Soon, I will be adding NewsPro or other similar CGI script to make my posting and updating easier. I have a pretty good idea of what the new design will be... Thanks to all the people who have stopped by, traffic has increased in the past week from around 10 (pathetic, huh?) to 30 guests per week. Hopefully, I can add some stuff for half-life. If you need to contact me for some reason, or just to chat, I can be reached on AIM or AOL at the screen name NODEraser.

6/8/00: I'm going to hold off on the site redesign until I figure out what layout I want. It'll probably be up to you, the users to choose with a poll. As for the old poll, there was a tie between Pentium III and Athlon with 5 votes each (the questions was "If you could afford a new 1000MHz computer, which would you buy?) The new half-life patch is out meaning CounterStrike 6.5 is out. Yippee! For some of my witty humor, see muffin's guestbook at his website, cyclohexane. Yes, I know it's some pretty messed up crap. (Note, I edited this for Eric, who was extremely upset because of my use of profanity)

5/25/00: Look out, i'm going to redesign the site again. Yes, it will look better. If you know a crudload of HTML and have really good website design skills, please email me--mabye you could at least get a basic frame (I'd fill in the rest) built. Whoa, that would be the best thing on earth! (Excuse me, i'm on a bit of a sugar high right now)

4/24/00: Added more krud to the downloads section.

4/09/00: Sorry that I haven't been updating the website in a while. I plan to do it more frequently now, at least weekly. Be looking for some more downloads for the various games, and the addition of new games-such as Half-Life and Rogue Spear. Also, check out the free stuff section for other great downloads not related to our featured games. In case you haven't noticed, the poll changes somewhat regularly now, and the search box in our store is now fully functional. Please continue to send me email when you find problems with the site. Thanks!

11/4/99: Our online store is partially operational; you can now search for a game, but the links to games that we have info on are not completely done. Have to search for them yourself in the meantime. Thanks to Chips & Bits for the help...

11/1/99: Poll has been updated. For more information on Firestorm, go to http://www.firestorm.westwood.com .

9/21/99: Our new design has been unveiled. Please let me know if there are any problems with the new arrangement. Eraser's Mercenaries Clan page is now featured under the "Games" section. Online store comming soon-bear with us during the reconstruction process.

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