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Contact Information

Email Click Here
AOL Instant Messenger NODEraser
ICQ 36921043
Yahoo! Instant Messenger noderaser
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Here is a list of my former email addresses. I've put this up, just in case someone has lost touch and runs the old address through Google. I no longer have access to any of these, and they may even be under different ownership by now. You can use the link to the Captcha above to get my current email address.

eraser200@aol.com (1996-1998)
eraser@hevanet.com (1998-2000)
gebennett@cocc.edu (2003-2005)
greg@w1a.org (9/24/2004-9/2005)
gbennett@pdx.edu (9/21/2004-9/2008)
greg@hypersoft.zzn.com (5/20/1999-11/2008)

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