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TFC Server Going Down in June

Since there have been exactly $0 in donations since we got the server started, I'm going to pull the plug at the beginning of June. We're up to #32 on the TFC Server Rankings, but I would say most of that is because there are so few TFC servers these days, not because of any actual activity. I do see a couple of "regular" types in the server who seem to like playing against bots, because they leave if more than one other person comes in, or if they start getting owned by a real player.

If you would like to see the server continue running, make a donation. It's not terribly expensive; the current setup costs a whopping $8 a month--down from $14 when we first started over a year ago.

To be honest, I'm more fed up with the forums at this point; I have finally set all new accounts to require activation by an administrator (me, myself and I) to stem the flow of spam. There are currently around 10 new accounts created every day by spambots; this used to be deterred by the use of a captcha, but whatever software those Russian/Chinese hackers are using these days has got captchas figured out. Since there is even less activity here than in the server, I'm inclined to take it down as well.

I guess it's just time to accept that Gibs is dead, and that everyone who was associated with it has given up as well. If there are others who would like to help carry on the Gibs name, or just need a forum and webspace let me know. I'm more than willing to keep the forum running and have plenty of webspace available, but will only do so if there is a real interest and assistance with administrative tasks.

I pick June as the "end all" date, because that is when I will be going away for a couple of months, and will not have the time or Internet access to maintain things. So, if you want to help keep this ship afloat you'll have to put some work and money into it. I'm not going to do it alone anymore.