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Welcome World of Warcraft Players!

Welcome to GibGames Refugees! If you're just joining us from the WoW side, we are the remains of an old gaming community (GibGames) which we are trying to revive and grow. Aside from just being a place for people to hang out and discuss the games they love, we do host server(s) as donations and volunteer time permits.

Our goal in WoW is pretty flexible; since we are just starting up, our main priority is to grow and attract both new and seasoned members. Beyond that, we'll get whatever we can going--we are only limited by the level of activity from the clan.

If you or someone you know has the knowledge, skills and/or desire to help with the management and administrative functions such as planning events, leading raids, etc. then please let me know! I have played a number of MMOs and RPGs over the years, but I'll admit that I am not a master at everything. Although it would be nice to have a couple of officers to help guide things, I'd like to keep this a guild where everyone has a say in what we do.

If you're not already a member of the clan, either find someone in-game who is, send me tell or message in-game (primary is noderaser) or send me a forum PM. We'll find a way to get you in. We are currently only active on the Winterhoof server; if you are interested in helping to form on another server, please send me a forum PM.