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Forum Moved; Website Changes

As I'm sure some of you have already noticed, the website has changed quite a bit and the forum URL was changed. I have scrapped the old website in favor of using Drupal as a management system; this should allow maximum flexibility with add-ons and the like while keeping administration simple.

The forum URL has also changed, in order to simplify its integration into Drupal. The ultimate goal is to enable users to sign in on the homepage, and then go to the forums or wherever and not have to sign in again. While this may not necessarily be beneficial to casual visitors, it should enable regular visitors to do more with less hassle. Things like commenting on news items directly on the homepage will be enabled when I get it all sorted out.

That said, if anyone is familiar with configuring Drupal modules, I could use a bit of help with the phpbbforum integration module. Please send me a private message in the forum if you have experience with this.