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New Donation Method--We Need Your Help!

In case anyone is worried that I will take any donated money and run off to Mexico, I have discovered a convenient feature offered by GameServers, our current hosting company. It allows you to donate money directly to our account. This will ensure that your donation goes directly to the operation of the server. However, donations are still accepted the old way--the forum is on different hosting, and if we get enough support to create a new server, I will need at least a month's worth of rent in advance before we can get it set up.

Another advantage of this system, is that it lets you know how much the server costs--and how much is due/how much credit there is. It's not quite like the donations system I had envisioned, but it's a whole lot better than keeping track of the numbers myself. Note that when the balance says $0.00, we're paid up through the end of the month. Beyond that, we have a few days' grace period before the hosting company pulls the plug and calls me in to the principal's office. I am also semi-certain that this method will bypass the fees that get deducted by PayPal from any money donated. But don't quote me on that.

Both methods are through PayPal, so the money can come from a number of sources, including your bank account, PayPal balance, credit cards, etc.

Server-Specific Donation: GibGames Refugees TFC 2fort/well/votemap

General Donation: Website & Forum Hosting, Start-up Capital for New Servers

Thanks for your support!