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Player Rules:

  1. PUse a name other than the default "Player". If you don't, we will have fun coming up with a name that you won't like.
  2. PPlayers wearing tags from hacking clans will not be allowed to play on our server. (Permanent)
  3. Cheating or hacking of any kind (wallhack, aimbot,
    speedhack, skinhack, etc.) is strictly forbidden! (Permanent)
  4. Ghosting via Ventrillo, TeamSpeak or other program is
    prohibited. Use the in-game voice chat. (Day)
  5. Suicide or switching teams/classes to avoid death is prohibited.
  6. Inner spawn rooms are off-limits.
  7. Using another account to play on our servers after receiving a punishment is considered ban evasion, and will result in the punishment being escalated to the next level for both accounts.
  8. YYou are responsible for making sure your account is secure. If your friend plays on your account and gets banned, we will not unban you.
  9. Players that are AFK or in spectator may be kicked to make room for active players.
  10. Spamming/flooding text or voice chat is prohibited.
  11. We believe in free speech, but there are limits. Hate speech is not tolerated.
  12. We aren't your mother, but any activity that becomes
    disruptive to gameplay will be punished.
  13. Offenses that do not have a specific punishment assigned to
    them will follow the standard discipline hierarchy.
  14. Repeat offenders will have their punishments escalated to
    the next level after being warned of the consequences.

Discipline Hierarchy: Warn, Kick, Day Ban (1440), Week Ban (10080),
Permanent (0)

Server Monitor Rules:

  1. If the server is full, monitors may kick the player who
    joined most recently, in order to make room for themselves.
  2. Monitors may only punish players for violating server rules.
  3. Monitors may use slap/slay to bring disruptive players into
  4. Monitors must issue a warning to repeat offenders, before
    assigning escalated punishment.
  5. Monitors must escalate the punishment of anyone who is
    evading a ban.
  6. Monitors must report all bans to the ban forum, and add
    kicked/problematic players to the server watchlist.
  7. Monitors may not change the map if there are more than 3
    other people playing on the server. The votemap function must be used.
  8. Monitors may not change any of the server settings without
    unless authorized by the server manager.
  9. Monitors may not share their accounts or passwords with
    other people, including other montiors.
  10. Monitors who do not obey the monitor rules will be issued
    one warning, and then have their status removed.
  11. Monitors who do not obey the server rules will have their
    status removed, and be punished like a normal player.