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To continue the legacy of GibGames; namely, to provide people with a place to Gib!

Servers Back Up!

I've been working to get the servers back up, with the same config they had before they came down two years ago. DoD is up and running, and I hope to have TFC up soon--it's got a few issues with updated server software that's not playing nice with the older mods. Both servers are now located in Seattle, Washington; if you want to see servers in other locations, hit the forums.

Get in and play! GibGames Refugees TFC 2fort/well/votemap GibGames Refugees DoD avalanche/kalt/votemap

Status Update

As I'm sure you probably noticed, there's not a lot going on around here. I took the servers down because nobody was playing on them anymore, and also because nobody was contributing to keep them up and running.

I will keep the forums up in the hopes that someone out there still has that "GibGames" spirit in their heart, and would like to get a community going again. At least it's not costing me anything out of pocket unlike the game servers.

Happy to get some more servers up and running, but only if there is actual support for them. Post in the forums if you'd like to see something happen.

TFC Server Back Up, DoD Server Added!

Our TFC server is back up, and we've added a DoD server...

GibGames Refugees TFC 2fort/well/votemap (
GibGames Refugees DoD defaults/votemap (

Get in and play! Please note that things may be a little rough until we get all the kinks worked out; if you notice something that is wrong or not working properly, stop by the forums and let us know. Suggestions on how to improve the way the servers are run are also welcome and encouraged.

TFC Server Going Down in June

Since there have been exactly $0 in donations since we got the server started, I'm going to pull the plug at the beginning of June. We're up to #32 on the TFC Server Rankings, but I would say most of that is because there are so few TFC servers these days, not because of any actual activity. I do see a couple of "regular" types in the server who seem to like playing against bots, because they leave if more than one other person comes in, or if they start getting owned by a real player.

If you would like to see the server continue running, make a donation. It's not terribly expensive; the current setup costs a whopping $8 a month--down from $14 when we first started over a year ago.

To be honest, I'm more fed up with the forums at this point; I have finally set all new accounts to require activation by an administrator (me, myself and I) to stem the flow of spam. There are currently around 10 new accounts created every day by spambots; this used to be deterred by the use of a captcha, but whatever software those Russian/Chinese hackers are using these days has got captchas figured out. Since there is even less activity here than in the server, I'm inclined to take it down as well.

I guess it's just time to accept that Gibs is dead, and that everyone who was associated with it has given up as well. If there are others who would like to help carry on the Gibs name, or just need a forum and webspace let me know. I'm more than willing to keep the forum running and have plenty of webspace available, but will only do so if there is a real interest and assistance with administrative tasks.

I pick June as the "end all" date, because that is when I will be going away for a couple of months, and will not have the time or Internet access to maintain things. So, if you want to help keep this ship afloat you'll have to put some work and money into it. I'm not going to do it alone anymore.

Welcome World of Warcraft Players!

Welcome to GibGames Refugees! If you're just joining us from the WoW side, we are the remains of an old gaming community (GibGames) which we are trying to revive and grow. Aside from just being a place for people to hang out and discuss the games they love, we do host server(s) as donations and volunteer time permits.

Our goal in WoW is pretty flexible; since we are just starting up, our main priority is to grow and attract both new and seasoned members. Beyond that, we'll get whatever we can going--we are only limited by the level of activity from the clan.

If you or someone you know has the knowledge, skills and/or desire to help with the management and administrative functions such as planning events, leading raids, etc. then please let me know! I have played a number of MMOs and RPGs over the years, but I'll admit that I am not a master at everything. Although it would be nice to have a couple of officers to help guide things, I'd like to keep this a guild where everyone has a say in what we do.

If you're not already a member of the clan, either find someone in-game who is, send me tell or message in-game (primary is noderaser) or send me a forum PM. We'll find a way to get you in. We are currently only active on the Winterhoof server; if you are interested in helping to form on another server, please send me a forum PM.

AMXBans Installed

I have installed AMXBans on the TFC server, and the website. Although we don't currently have any banned players (yeah!) if the occasion arises this utility will make it easier for server monitors and players to have access to bans information. It can also be used to enforce bans across multiple servers, should that ever happen.

If you'd like to take a look, I've added a "Bans" link in the top navigation section. It's pretty straightforward, but if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the forum.

Forum Moved; Website Changes

As I'm sure some of you have already noticed, the website has changed quite a bit and the forum URL was changed. I have scrapped the old website in favor of using Drupal as a management system; this should allow maximum flexibility with add-ons and the like while keeping administration simple.

The forum URL has also changed, in order to simplify its integration into Drupal. The ultimate goal is to enable users to sign in on the homepage, and then go to the forums or wherever and not have to sign in again. While this may not necessarily be beneficial to casual visitors, it should enable regular visitors to do more with less hassle. Things like commenting on news items directly on the homepage will be enabled when I get it all sorted out.

That said, if anyone is familiar with configuring Drupal modules, I could use a bit of help with the phpbbforum integration module. Please send me a private message in the forum if you have experience with this.

New Donation Method--We Need Your Help!

In case anyone is worried that I will take any donated money and run off to Mexico, I have discovered a convenient feature offered by GameServers, our current hosting company. It allows you to donate money directly to our account. This will ensure that your donation goes directly to the operation of the server. However, donations are still accepted the old way--the forum is on different hosting, and if we get enough support to create a new server, I will need at least a month's worth of rent in advance before we can get it set up.

Another advantage of this system, is that it lets you know how much the server costs--and how much is due/how much credit there is. It's not quite like the donations system I had envisioned, but it's a whole lot better than keeping track of the numbers myself. Note that when the balance says $0.00, we're paid up through the end of the month. Beyond that, we have a few days' grace period before the hosting company pulls the plug and calls me in to the principal's office. I am also semi-certain that this method will bypass the fees that get deducted by PayPal from any money donated. But don't quote me on that.

Both methods are through PayPal, so the money can come from a number of sources, including your bank account, PayPal balance, credit cards, etc.

Server-Specific Donation: GibGames Refugees TFC 2fort/well/votemap

General Donation: Website & Forum Hosting, Start-up Capital for New Servers

Thanks for your support!

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