Section W-1A Conclave 2003

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September 5-7, 2003

Jacoby Auditorium, Umpqua Community College

Roseburg, Oregon

This was one of my first opportunities to cause some damage outside of my home theatre.While the experience was mixed, I got to work in a larger space, complete with all the trimmings. Seating capactiy of the space was somewhere around 1000, but we only had about 400-500 at any given time.

Though I had no official title, I considered myself to be the "Conventional Lighting Director." Since I was operating on the venue's house plot, I was basically just writing cues. But they did have color scrollers on their FOH Leko's and the PAR64 down lights on the electrics. So I had a little flexability. We also had the use of 4 Martin MiniMACs (courtesy of Hollywood Lights) controlled by an American DJ Show Designer. Our Technical Director took care of their programming and operation. I didn't mind this at all, since we had a number of problems with the fixtures responding to console input. Fixture #3 would often get stuck in position, have different gobos/colors than its buddies, and only had its irs open at half for a part of the Friday night show.

The few pictures I managed to take were of the "Friday Night Live" show, an SNL-like show we wrote and produced in-house. I wish I had taken a lot more pictures, but I had this whole "work" thing going on.

We had the use of an InFocus Proxima (on loan to us for Scoutrageous) for the show, but we discovered Friday morning that the lens was too narrow for the cyc/screen, and a concrete wall prevented us from moving it back. So, we had to send one of our crew up to Wilsonville to have a different lens put in. It got back in time for the show, but I didn't have time to see if the light was too intense, as to wash out any projections in the back. See pictures.

The other two activities in the Auditorium included an inspirational speaker, and the section business meeting/elections. We were fortunate to have cool videos and stuff, despite our projector snaffu.

Services Provided By: Umpqua Community College (facilities, sound tech, extra stagehands), Hollywood Lights (moving lights), InFocus (projection), KGW Northwest NewsChannel 8 (cameras and miles of BNC video cable)


Shows CVC/Director -- Matt Harris
Technical Director -- Morgan Silverthorne
Conventional Lighting Director -- Greg Bennett
Sound Technician -- UCC Staff
Shows Advisor -- Bob Veazie
Video Production -- Ray Collet
Camera Operators -- Nick Christiansen, ???
Assistant Stage Manager -- UCC Staff
Backstage Grips -- Denny Lenihan, Dan Eppelsheimer

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Free stuff is thrown into the audience during the show. While it creates quite a mess, it keeps the crowd at bay until the house closes.

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The Twelve O'Clock Band. Yes, I know the rear projections are washed out, but the projector was on its way to/from Wilsonville during our dry tech.

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Coolest. Gobos. Ever.

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Celebrity Jeopardy: Never mind that the actors don't look anything like the actual people. But what Celebrity Jeopardy is complete without Sean Connery?

Trebek: "Finally, Mr. Connery... the category was Numbers, and you wrote... A letter V. Well, I tell you what, my friend -- V is a Roamn numeral, so despite your best effers, you answered correctly. Let's see what you wagered...

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Trebek: "That's all the time we have. Good night, I'm going home to take a bath with my toaster..."

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The post-show look with band playing, before the house lights are up.